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High Performance People & Performance Dynamics

Since 1986, Giombetti Associates has accumulated extensive research as to what drives successful companies, executives and employees. We have confirmed that high performance companies are powered by high performance people.

High performance people, the best of the best, are driven by a specific set of personality and behavioral characteristics. We have defined these traits and can quickly identify which candidates have them, and which do not.

When you consider statistical analysis of the general population, only 16% fall into the "high performance" category, 16% fall in the "low performing" category, and the remaining 68% fall into the "average performing" category.

Four Traits That Power Performance - Performance Dynamics

  1. The four key personality traits that power and drive high performance people are energy, dominance, discipline, and competitiveness.
  2. People who score high in these traits are the best of the best, having strong personalities with internal drive, intensity, advertiveness, proactiveness, and burning passion that comes from within. They can deliver results and get the job done.
  3. When you hire candidates with these four traits well adjusted, you are hiring high performance people, and building a high-performance organization. We have the references and track record to attest.
  4. Through Performance Dynamics, these characteristics can be identified, understood, and used for the benefit of your company.

Performance Dynamics Profile

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